Ecosystems and Habitat Destruction is a Lie ?

Can technology slow the destruction Ecosystem destruction and technology

I am sure all of us love nature. No one wants to see the wonders of beauty get replaced by scenes like the ones in these pictures.  Some are worried about our food and water supplies while others engage in dogmatic discussions and denials.

How often do we take into consideration the impact of our choices and actions? What role does each of us play in direct and indirect habitat destruction? No, I am not talking about spotted owls here. I am talking about human habitat and human food web and supply (although rigor must consider system as a whole).  I am talking about dust bowls. I am talking about increased frequency, duration and intensity of various events. We will notice these events and experience their effects no matter what perception scale we apply.

When I saw these trees my heart was filled with sorrow. I started by blaming myself: I am sorry I use more than my share of fossil fuels. I am sorry I use more than my share of water. I am sorry I use more than my share of energy. I am sorry I use more than my share of water.I am sorry I use more than my share of shelter. I am sorry I use more cotton. I am sorry …

I am guilty like the rest of us.

It is ok for you to say you don’t care about  trees. It is ok for you to question science but please use facts. Lets have a discussion.

Please share with the world:

Why shouldn’t I be sorry?

Why shouldn’t you be sorry?

And above all what can each one of us do?

Please share what you see happening around your ecosystem. What can technology do to decelerate the rate of change?


Cloud Computing and its Ecosystems

This is my first entry in the new blog so let me start by saying what this is all about.

First, who are we? EnduraData is a fast growing Minnesota company that focuses on cross platform accelerated data movement, file transfer between geographic sites and the best and effective data management solutions for efficient workflow. No we are not here to push products but we will try and share a few technical tidbits once in a while and seek to have an n-way conversation.

One of our consultants said “hey you need a new blog”. She also mentioned something about branding, social media, etc. Huh! This is getting to be too much. I would rather write code and help people solve their data issues (Instant gratification anyone? 🙂 ).

But then she got me thinking? Are we just about data?

No, I rhetorically replied. We are about solving problems (I don’t talk to myself this often except when the debugger refuses to give me the complete stack back trace or dump, you know what I mean).

I am one of those people that you will hate on a first meeting (if you don’t know me). I can talk about ecology, evolution, behavior, poverty, high performance computing as well as cash flow and the balance sheet.

You see, I take a stand on many issues that I know and care about and if I don’t know, I ask others questions without feeling stupid ( or “inadequate,” as others may say).

My mother, God blesses her soul, used to tell me “you are too curious and some day you will get in trouble” and I did when I wrote a political poem of seven lines. I am not a good poet but I write poems that irritate dark forces and dictators. I hope that I will not get in trouble with readers who ask a question and I or others fire back a few of our own to understand. So please, ask questions. That is why we created this forum. We are seeking conversation.

Expect to read about various things from corporate responsibility to distributing the computational load in order to increase computational speed. Plato, Socrates, Newton, Albert Einstein, ecosystems, species loss, cloud computing, the Human condition and other subjects dear to my being will also find a spot here as well. Forgive me if I don’t use the term cloud computing but use distributed systems instead. Feel free to contact me or post a comment or question.

El Haddi