About EnduraData

Custom data transfer and synchronization solutions mft cloud TN


EnduraData’s Private Cloud Solutions include cross platform, cross operating system synchronization solutions that automate encrypted data transfer between different locations and business functions. It intermingles with work-flow, runs on current hardware, boosts effectiveness and lowers costs.

EnduraData delivers solutions for storage and data management across multiple platforms . Our solution applications include:

  • Accelerated data movement and file transfer
  • PC to PC data synchronization and enterprise file sharing for the workflow
  • Folder duplication, Remote PC and Network file server synchronization for backup and sharing
  • Archives for compliance (financial services, HIPPA, DODD-FRANK) or asset surveillance and activity monitoring protection

EnduraData’s core competency places focus on synchronization and data transfer solutions for adding value

  • Cloud (private and public) storage management solutions and services for Enterprise Wide Area Data Distribution and Services
  • Secure distributed high performance workflow automation
  • Distributed divisional and partner information sharing
  • Archival for compliance and wide area secure global name space sharing
  • End to end data management solutions and services for automatic secure data delivery and reporting.

Managed File Transfer Back-Up and Data Distribution Enduradata TN


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