Adventures in the Cloud | Weekly Photo Challenge

In the cloud business, we transport data from the place where information is created all the way through to the time a business decision is made based on the way the intelligence is gathered, parsed and presented. Our adventure lies in the cloud.

This week’s photo challenge tells us: “Whether your own or someone else’s, literal or figurative, take us on a photographic adventure.”

This adventure is one of school of children headed home after a full day of classes at the Masjid Mosque in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their futures full of possibilities to acquire, create and share knowledge, a cause we believe in. We included our perspective in the form of poetry that portrays the photo:

Data transfer and knowledge sharing adventures

Adventures in the Cloud

Knowledge transfer, a continuum that brings communities together

Securely moving information

Sometimes losing data. File Backup is the saving grace.

Co-existing across information silos that contrast one another

Forgetting we live in a world of synchronicity, always in motion

Knowing we can’t duplicate individual experiences

This post was inspired by The Weekly Photo Challenge

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EnduraData designs software solutions to allow businesses and government agencies to move, sync and mirror data automatically and securely between different operating systems and between geographic locations.

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