Aggregating content by date and time using EDpCloud

The following is a configuration that allows many machines to send content to a single remote machine. We decided to add a way to shorten the configuration for people who want to aggregate content into a single remote machine.

The %ip% will resolve to the sender’s IP address. The %date% will resolve to the current date. The %hour% resolves to the current hour. The %minute% will also resolve to the current minute. Note that the alias is a regular expression that is like a wild card to match a network address or a domain name.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<config name="Network_Configuration">

<link name="link1">
      <sender hostname="localhost" password="YourSecrets"
      <receiver hostname=""

—- Happy File transfer!


About EnduraData
EnduraData designs software solutions to allow businesses and government agencies to move, sync and mirror data automatically and securely between different operating systems and between geographic locations.

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