Commentary: The American Experience

Dr. Martin Luther King

I Watched the inauguration today and a few things touched me besides the speech of the president:

1. The number of people attending.

2. The poem read by the Cuban American Poet Richard Blanco brought tears to my eyes.

3. Although traditions and some protocols were observed, they were simple and not what you will see in “empires!”. Simple and inclusive.

4. I was not treated like a subject  🙂 ****

What made this interesting was how the civil rights movement paid it forward for me, so I can write this on a non segregated bus as I am going home after work. Dr Marin Luther King’s words are moving through my body and my life as the bus is moving me closer to my suburb. How have I been taking things for granted. To him and many who paved the road for me I say thanks!

We still have a long way to go. Hate still exists in our streets and even in our places of higher learning … But with each one of us teaching and practicing tolerance this country will move forwards total inclusion one day …

****: (For the politically literate and emancipated: if the year was 1984, I just signed my own death sentence with these 7 words again …). I am no body’s subject!  ***


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