Global Climate Change, Infrastructure, Design and Disaster Tolerances

We are seeing huge temperature oscillations.  The spread between minimum and maximum temperatures in the span of a few hours  may exceed 50 degrees F in a single day. We are seeing segments of water and sewer pipes bursting in some cities. What is happening to other infrastructure elements? Are the roads, the pavements and parking lots being impacted? “You betcha” as the locals would say.  How about the electrical infrastructure? Is the life expectation of our housing shrinking? Will the warranties by builders for foundations shrink as well? Do the gas pipes to houses have enough built-in tolerance to sustain major ground shifting dynamics?


I am no expert in these matters but what I learned from my study of nature, drought, soil physics and mechanics tells me that we may be facing significant cost increases(in the future) due to maintenance and to new designs (with higher new tolerances).  Such increases will also impact the cost of living and of doing business, in addition to reliability of various amenities and system components our civilization relies and depends on.

The intensity, the duration, the frequency and the stage of various events matter on many scales. We have  focused on the flora, the fauna, glaciers, etc where the rate of change has been alarming and well documented (even if small disruptions affect populations less represented and less distributed …).

I would love to hear if the variations we are seeing and their amplitudes are sufficiently large to have a significant impact on the infrastructure, its reliability and especially on disaster avoidance, tolerance and escape …


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EnduraData designs software solutions to allow businesses and government agencies to move, sync and mirror data automatically and securely between different operating systems and between geographic locations.

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